Day Care Services at Wookey

It is still early days for our day care services at East Court in Wookey, but demand is growing and this is a venture which will only widen in scope.

We have always understood the joys and challenges of people with learning disabilities living in local communities, and having non-residents here at Wookey during the day is simply an extension of our existing work.

From Monday to Friday we offer a range of activities, including groups doing weaving, walking, pottery, computing, arts and crafts, gardening and working on a conservation project on the Somerset levels. An activity day usually starts around 9.30am with an opportunity to socialise and catch up with others.

The style of our activities is organised but informal. We focus on enabling individuals to get the most from the day while making sure the environment we provide is relaxing and safe.

Underpinning everything are the values we use across Orchard Vale: respect, treating people with dignity, maximising autonomy and participation.

There is still a lot of work to be done around our day care, but we feel it is an exciting venture which will certainly grow to meet the needs of more individuals.

If you are interested in using our day care services at Wookey or feel we can support you in other ways do contact Lesley Kent  or Jacqui MacNaughton at East Court  (tel. 01749 673122) or drop us an email at

Wookey Day Care Services is not a service regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)