Ferndale, Shepton Mallet

Ferndale Home - rearFerndale, in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, was opened in December 1998 and is now home to three people, who each have their own living spaces. It is a detached house with large gardens just a five minute drive or 20 minute walk from the town and its local amenities.

Ferndale uses the Person Centred Active Support model, which means that all activities are generated by the home and its interactions with the local community around it, rather than being imposed from elsewhere. The residents have successfully developed their own activities and routines that help them live successfully as part of the local community – something which in the past has been challenging for them.

Ferndale has a very stable and long-serving staff team who support residents in living active days at home and within their local communities. Each resident works with staff members to choose the right mix of activities and plan their days.

In the home residents do the normal domestic day-to-day activities, as well as looking after the hens kept at the bottom of the garden, cultivating a small vegetable plot at the back of the house and doing other activities like art therapy. They may also go out shopping, visit local leisure facilities, or visit family.

We are deliberately flexible in our activities to accommodate the inevitable changes that arise in life.

Local NHS support services are used depending on the resident's needs.