Our trustees and structure

Orchard Vale Trust is a registered charity governed by twelve trustees, including members of residents' families and others with specific professional skills.

The trustees meet four times a year to oversee Orchard Vale's work. They are responsible for the strategic direction of the trust, managing any risks it faces, and its finances. They also appoint the chief executive.

Our current chairman of trustees is Chris Absolon, a GP. If you'd like to contact him, visit our Contact page.

Orchard Vale's chief executive, Richard Brook, has wide experience leading charities and managing social care. You can contact him at info@orchardvaletrust.org.uk or via our Contact page

Orchard Vale's income comes mainly from care fees paid by local authorities, who assess the needs of each resident and then pay an appropriate fee. However, these fees don't cover all the resources and facilities we deliver. So fundraising is a critical element which we need if we are to continue to provide such high quality services.

In 2012/13 Orchard Vale's income was £1,831,744 and our expenditure was £1,595,667. This was a slightly unusual year as we received a legacy and a substantial donation which allowed us to acquire an additional property. Generally, though, over the last few years the pattern of income and expenditure has been that the trust broadly covers its operating and maintenance costs each year.

With care fees income static and inflation pushing our costs up, we have to be very careful if we are to remain in good financial standing.

You can find details of our current trustees and our latest annual accounts and annual report of the trustees at the Charity Commission website.

The residential care services we provide are legally regulated and overseen by the Care Quality Commission, and all our homes are inspected regularly. They are all currently fully compliant with CQC requirements.

You can read more about our registration details at the Care Quality Commission websiteThere are also links to individual home reports on their specific pages.