With over 30 years of experience we have always understood the joys and challenges of people with learning disabilities. 

Our vision is to support adults with learning disabilities to live life to the full and our person centred approach ensures that every individual identifies what it is they wish to achieve from gaining new skills, to studying for qualifications or preparing for employment.

We work with an ever increasing range of partners to ensure that we offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities and we are continually working to develop new activities.

Current Time Tables


The style of our activities is organised but informal.

We focus on enabling individuals to get the most from the day while making sure the environment we provide is relaxing and safe.

The philosophy is that every activity can be approached in a variety of ways so that individuals can achieve their own goals; some may choose a purely recreational or therapeutic approach whilst others may wish to gain greater knowledge and understanding of a particular area and there is also the opportunity to gain work experience or be supported into an independent work setting, either within the trust or with a partner organisation.


We offer courses in cookery and IT and a programme of Health and Wellbeing activities which include swimming, walking, cycling and keep fit.

The trust is also about to open its own coffee shop which will provide further opportunities to gain experience in commercial catering, whilst being supported by our experienced staff.

We are also establishing a partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society to offer a Level 1 Certificate.


From Monday to Friday we offer a range of activities which include recreational arts and crafts groups, groups learning about gardening and horticulture, including a conservation project on the Somerset levels and working in the community to deliver gardening services.



Learning all aspects of pottery

Designing pieces and creating items using flat or coiled techniques, mixing glazing and preparing for firing. Adults with learning disabilities are supported to understand the whole pottery process.

A good degree of dexterity will enable the individual to learn and create complex items.

This opportunity is good for cognition, skills building, confidence and social development.

Needlecraft / Felting

Creating items using a variety of mediums, learning complex stitching techniques, creating own designs, choosing colours and materials to design ones own item.

This group is most suited to those with a level of comfortable dexterity.

The group encourages  and develops personal imagination, concentration skills and following instructions

Tactile Art

A group that is suitable for all levels and enables people to work with a variety of mediums, encouraging self expression.

The short projects develop dexterity skills, confidence and self esteem.

Art Group

Suitable for people with an interest in art, this groups explores the history of art, researching individual topics and subjects and creating one dimensional art work using a variety of different mediums

This group is suitable for individuals who have a level of understanding and interest in creating art.

Card Making

For individuals interested in crafts and creating cards to bring out on the market.

This group uses a variety of mediums and skills.

Suitable to anyone as it is tailored to individual abilities and interests, with am objective of developing skills and cognition.


This opportunity enables individuals to develop their creativity by using available items at the scrapstore.

The local scrapstore is open to the public which encourages and enables adults with learning disabilities to engage with the community, learn social, communication and customer service skills.



Social Skills

Computer Skills

Individuals have the opportunity to learn and develop a range of IT skills, working at their own pace and on their personal projects.

This project is suitable for all and aims to build confidence on all bases. There is also an opportunity to gain accredited qualifications where appropriate.


Individuals produce their own scrapbooks, capturing memories using a variety of mixed media.

Suitable for all and helps with cognitive ability.

Skills for Life

Money Management

The first of a series of work groups to develop skills and understanding of money management, budgeting , personal banking, saving and borrowing, and understanding financial responsibilities.

Aimed at individuals who are keen to progress toward living independently.

Qualifications are available through ASDAN.

Cooking Skills

a 12 week structured programme learning all aspects of the kitchen. Safety, equipment, menu building, nutrition, food preparation, healthy eating,creating meals and budgeting for the shopping.

This is suitable for anyone who is looking to develop skills which will enable them to live independently.

Also aimed at individuals who are looking to find work in catering.

Health and 


Walking Groups

A variety of walking groups on offer to suit varying abilities and interests.

Walks include visiting historic or places of significant interest, or areas of outstanding beauty (easily found in the Mendips)

All groups encourage planning, conversation and discussion, improving both physical and mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness Day

Includes Tai Chi, Yoga, dance and massage.

All of these sessions are delivered by experienced, qualified practitioners.

Suitable for all and tailored to suit each individual, it is aimed to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, creativity and social skills.


Underpinning everything are the values we use across Orchard Vale Trust: respect, treating people with dignity, maximising autonomy and participation.

If you are interested in using our day services please contact Lisa Pearce or Jacqui MacNaughton on 01749 673122 or drop us an email at

Orchard Vale Trust Day Services is not a service regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)


If you would like more information, or if you have a great idea that you would like us to know about please get in touch!

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