Stile Gardening 

We are a professional gardening service operating in Somerset with a focus on supporting adults with learning disabilities into paid employment.

Our Primary Goals & Mission

What We Do

Our overall goal is to support adults with learning disabilities into paid employment. We do this by providing a professional gardening service to our Community.


We know how important outdoor spaces are. Physical and mental wellbeing are dependent on looking after our green areas, private gardens and community spaces.



It’s not just all about opportunities and green spaces (even though this is a pretty good start). It’s about Community too. We aim to strengthen our community through equality, diversity and inclusion.


Our experienced gardeners provide a range of different services that focus on garden maintenance and clearance.


      • Lawn Mowing
      • Hedge Trimming
      • Garden Waste Clearance

Coronavirus Updates

What we are doing to stay safe in Stile

We are adhering to all Government guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic.

This means we have put in extra restrictions and are taking extra care whilst delivering our gardening services.

Here is what we are doing to make sure both you and our gardening team stay safe:


  • All gardeners travel to and from the gardening jobs in separate vehicles and do not meet prior to or after any jobs
  • PPE, such as masks, are worn should any work take place within 2 metres of the team, or anyone else
  • Social distancing is enforced and maintained for the duration of all gardening jobs
  • There will be no contact between gardeners and clients and all communication will be done over the phone
  • Invoices will be sent via post to ensure no contact is had
  • All waste collections that are not directly a result of gardening jobs are on hold until further notice
  • We are continuously revising all our guidelines to ensure they are up to date
Coronavirus Updates


A Community Project


Stile Gardening is a social enterprise that aims to build resilient, diverse and connected communities.

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, we offer training, real life work experience and fair paid employment to adults with learning disabilities.

This means that our Gardening Services are unique as well as high quality.

If you know someone who would be interested to join our Gardening Team get in touch!

Happy Customers

“They accomplished an enormous amount between them. That makes a very big difference to us, for the garden had got totally out of hand, and we found that very depressing as we could see no real way out.”

“It has always been an immense pleasure to meet these cheerful and immensely hard working people.”

“The amount of clearance that was achieved on the first visit was very impressive and each visit has produced substantial further improvement. It’s been a tremendous encouragement and I’m now managing to do a bit more myself – so difficult when depressed. We can now see light at the end of tunnel and have been reassured to hear that, once the garden is in a reasonable state and regular visits cease, the team can still return occasionally to help me keep on top of things.”

“We appreciate very well that these folk need to feel valuable and valued members of the community and that they should be regarded as such”

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We give fair and competitive estimates on the gardening services we offer.

Every penny made on our jobs goes to paying our gardeners a fair wage and any profits go back into the charity.

This means we can grow our teams and our equipment to offer the best service possible!

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